Supporting  Amazon Forest Guardians

Support Rapid Response Grants for Urgent and Immediate Prevention and Care;  Food and Medical Supplies; Emergency Communications and Evacuation; Protection and Security for Forest Guardians; & Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience

100% of each donation will go directly to indigenous and forest communities and organizations facing COVID-19 in the Amazon Rainforest


COVID-19 in the Amazon

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the Amazon Basin, it threatens the lives and the future of indigenous peoples and traditional forest communities, the Guardians of the Forest.  These populations are disproportionately vulnerable to contracting the illness due to the persistent lack of access to equal and adequate public services, such as housing and health care, and the consequences of centuries of colonization and racism.

For over 500 years, indigenous peoples of the Amazon and across the Americas have faced invasions and loss of their ancestral territories, ethnic and socioeconomic discrimination, and the constant threat of physical and cultural extermination resulting in displacement, disease, and genocide. Now, indigenous peoples – particularly the elders, wisdomkeepers and those living in voluntary isolation – are gravely at risk by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional forest communities are similarly threatened, including  riverine, quilombola, rubber-tappers, and other extractive populations, who have been defending the forest with their lives.

In solidarity with Amazon Forest Guardians including indigenous peoples’ organizations, federations and nationalities and traditional communities across the 9 countries of the Amazon Basin, resources are being mobilized to support Rapid Response Grants for the following:

Emergency Communications and Evacuation

Food and Medical Supplies

Urgent and Immediate COVID-19 Prevention and Care

Protection and Security for Forest Guardians

Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience


Founding Solidarity Circle

In response to the urgent, immediate and growing threats to the Amazon and its people, NGOs, donors, advisors, as well as international, national and local funds, are coordinating and collaborating to raise and channel funds to indigenous and forest communities and grassroots organizations facing the COVID-19 emergency across the Amazon Basin.


The Amazon Emergency Fund is a newly-formed donor collaborative working in close coordination with COICA (Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Basin) and its 9 national organizations, as well as partners and allies across the Amazon and around the world, to support emergency COVID-19 response. We are pooling resources and sharing the work of raising and directing rapid response grants to indigenous and forest communities and grassroots organizations in the Amazon who have called upon us to show our solidarity during this emergency. 


The Amazon Emergency Fund will be fiscally sponsored by the Rainforest Foundation U.S. Grant, and governance decisions will be carried out under strict coordination and communication by an established Governing Council which includes indigenous leaders from COICA and its member organizations, representatives of participating NGOS, donors, and advisors who together have formed the Founding Solidarity Circle. 


The Fund will also enlist a Circle of Advisors comprised of organizations and individuals with a proven track record to guide and support effective grant making strategies. 


To join the Founding  Solidarity Circle, make a major gift or to recommend grantees, please contact:


We're on the verge of a genocide due to the lack of attention from governments and national health services. Thank you, brothers and sisters from across the planet, for supporting this Amazon Emergency Fund.

Gregorio Mirabal

General Coordinator of COICA

There has never been a greater urgency to support indigenous communities across the Amazon. Indigenous people are struggling to protect themselves from COVID-19 while continuing to safeguard the tropical forests that the world needs to fight the worst impacts of the Climate Crisis. Now is the time for everyone, individuals and organizations, to come together to support indigenous peoples who are absolutely essential to rainforest protection and whose lives and cultures are at risk.

Suzanne Pelletier

Executive Director of Rainforest Foundation US


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